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2015 Houston Nike Basketball Camp

Date: June 8-11
Time: 9AM to 4:30PM
Ages: 9-15
Cost: $245

The Gym
2325 Atascocita Rd.
Humble, TX. 77396

Highlights Include:

  • Talented staff of coaches
  • Wide range of skill development drills
  • In-depth analysis of each player’s conditioning and footwork
  • Discussion of nutritional goals and off-court activities to benefit on-court game
  • Official NIKE Camp T-shirt
  • NIKE Camp workbook and other NIKE prizes

To Register contact us:

1800-NIKE CAMP (645-3226) or Visit:

Nike Basketball Camp

Preseason Basketball Training

Preparation is the first step to success. It would be a shame if you don’t prepare for the biggest season of your life by not training!

We’ve all heard the statement, “Being prepared is half the battle”. Or, “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Well, its true! Before the troops are deployed or before a soldier goes into battle, he goes to boot camp. In boot camp, he goes through every situation that he will possibly face in the war. After the boot camp is successfully completed, the civilian becomes a soldier.  Preparation is very important before you take on a major task. The NFL MLB, NBA and collegiate programs go through a rigorous elite level training regime to prepare them for a long season. If these elite athletes take getting ready for the season this serious, why don’t high school and middle school athletes do the same?  As a former professional, collegiate basketball player and AAU coach, I believe Pre-season training should be at all levels. Therefore, as the Lead trainer at Ultimate Champions Basketball Training, we are preparing Champions in our Pre-Season Training Camp. We will teach every aspect of basketball to prepare the player for everything that they will encounter in practice and games!

Listed below will be just some of the teachings that will be covered in training:

  • How to play for any coach
  • How to be mentally tough
  • How to mentally approach games and practices
  • How to dominate practice
  • How to have a mental edge on your opponent


  • Shooting off the dribble
  • Shooting off the catch
  • How to create a shot for yourself or teammate
  • Ball handling
  • Dribbling
  • One on One moves
  • Pick and rolls
  • How to defend any player
  • How to play any position
  • How to effectively rebound
  • How to implement individual skills
  • Competitive scrimmaging
  • And much much more!


What Makes an Elite Basketball Player?

Back to School!

No school for twelve weeks. No Homework! No cafeteria food and no coach making me do off-season training!

Thats all over now. Back to the grind of classes, books, homework, new friends and your school coach. It’s a tough transition for most. But, for the most disciplined; its not as tough. Being discipline is the key to conquering or overcoming anything.

For a basketball player, being disciplined is paramount to be as good as you can be. All Elite basketball players that have and still play this game are highly disciplined. They are disciplined with their eating habits, training schedule, personal life and who they hang around. Elite means highly disciplined.

Now that school has started, your should start a pre-season training schedule that will prepare you for your upcoming season. That preseason basketball schedule should have the following components: Cardio, Strength, Speed and Agility, Shooting, Ball handling, Passing, Defensive footwork, and mental toughness training. Oh, did I mention cardio??  Cardio is important because if you aren’t in shape; you can’t play.

I’ve never met a great basketball player that doesn’t have a high level of discipline concerning there training. If you strive to be great -become more disciplined!


Nike Volleyball Summer Camp

Ultimate Champions invites you to join our Nike Volleyball Camp in San Antonio, Texas. We strive to provide campers with a solid foundation to build upon after camp.  Players are evaluated and placed into groups based on age and ability to ensure all campers are challenged. Girls of all ability levels are welcome to attend. Campers will be trained in all the fundamentals of volleyball – including serving, position work, match play and technique.
Campers ages 8-12 train from 8:30am-12:30pm daily. Campers ages 12-17 train from 1:00pm-5:00pm daily.

Highlights Include:

  • Excellent training facilities
  • Coach to camper ratio is 1:10
  • Players grouped by age and ability level
  • Four hours of instruction daily
  • Personal evaluations from your coach
  • Nike Volleyball camp T-shirt

George Maronite Community Center 
8:30am-12:30pm, ages 8-12
1:00pm-5:00pm, ages 12-17

To Register:

Summer Nike Basketball Camps 2014

Come develop and enhance your Basketball Skills with The Ultimate Champions this Summer 2014 in San Antonio Texas!!

The Ultimate Champions Nike Camp program is intended to help players develop athletically. The Nike Basketball camps are a great opportunity for young basketball players looking to develop and refine their fundamental basketball skills. This program also includes a curriculum for intermediate/ advanced players looking to enhance their skill set at the post, wing, or guard position. Emphasis is placed on fundamental development, shooting, offensive moves, defense, rebounding, team play, and more.

Upon arrival, all players are evaluated by the staff so that their own instructional needs can be addressed throughout the week. Players will be grouped by age and ability.

San Antonio, TX.
June 16-19, Ages 9-15
June 23-26, Ages 9-13
July 14-17, Ages 9-15
August 4-7, Ages 12-14
August 11-14, Ages 14-17
@St. Luke’s Catholic Church
To Register:

Ball Position

Training Champions

Our Basketball Training is Personalized and Customized to every player that trains in our programs.

At the Ultimate Champions Academy, we work on the Basketball skills the player is weak at until that weakness becomes a strength.The main focus is individual progress and improvement, not just playing games.

The Ultimate Champ philosophy is: In order to be success there has to be a strong foundation. If a builder is building a house, he must have a strong foundation in order for the house to stand properly over time. Well, the same is for basketball. There must be a strong foundation in fundamentals. It all starts with the proper fundamentals. The secret of all great players having a strong foundation in fundamentals

To schedule your first training session, please call 210-416-5157 or email

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