Coach Terrence Jones has over 22 years of basketball experience as a player, coach and player development instructor. Coach Jones has always been a student of the game. As a child, he didn’t start playing basketball until the age of 14. With little help from coaches or relatives (Coach Jones’ Uncle played for the New York Knicks), he taught himself how to play the game of basketball by watching games on television and tapes on basketball teachings of various coaches. In high school he was one of the top players in his high school history (ranked 14th in the state). He later went to UTSA to become at team captain as a sophomore. After UTSA coach Jones still had the desire to play the game of basketball. After playing in Europe and a short stint in Mexico, he decided that playing basketball wasn’t a passion, training players was.

Coach Jones went on to pursue his passion for developing players and became director of basketball operations at Home Court America in San Antonio. As Director of Basketball Operations, Coach Jones was responsible for developing new programs along with maintaining and increasing the quality of the existing basketball structure. Later he had the opportunity of becoming an assistant coach at a division 1 university. At as a college coach, he was extremely instrumental in player development.

Coach Jones is very unique in the aspect of working with different age groups. For some coaches, it is very difficult for them to coach and develop youth and also have the same success with developing college level players and professional players. He works well with all age groups and is very successful with them.

Currently, Coach Jones is the founder and lead skills director of Ultimate Champions Basketball Academy and Camp Director for Nike Sports Camps which hosts camps in every major city in Texas, New York City and Denver, Colorado.

The Ultimate Champions Philosophy

At the Ultimate Champions Academy, we work on the basketball skills the player is weak at until that weakness becomes a strength. The main focus is individual progress and improvement, not just playing games.

In order to be success there has to be a strong foundation. If a builder is building a house, he must have a strong foundation in order for the house to stand properly over time. Well, the same is for basketball. There must be a strong foundation in fundamentals. It all starts with the proper fundamentals. The secret of all great players having a strong foundation in fundamentals.

Message from Coach Jones

In order to become great, you must have a strong and solid foundation. In basketball, being able to master the fundamentals will give you that foundation.

Our goal at Ultimate Champions is to make sure that every player become great through mastering his body, mind and spirit through fundamental skills training.