Basketball Training: Quality vs. Quantity

How long should I be training?  How many days a week?  How many hours a day?  I want to be like LeBron James, how much does he work out? These are the types of questions I get every day.

Seems like a pretty simple answer, right?  Not quite!

My suggestion is to consider the quality of the training vs. the time spent training. I go to the gym and see players shooting around for hours. They are casually shooting, talking to their friends and flirting with girls.  They are proud to say, “I spent two hours training on my own”.  That’s not training; that’s socializing. Nothing is wrong with socializing. However, socializing in that fashion should be done after a serious workout is completed.

How long should you do Basketball training ?  There is no right answer to that. Any time is sufficient as long as the training is specific, uninterrupted and intense. My motto has always been…Work out in your workout!