What Makes an Elite Basketball Player?

Back to School!

No school for twelve weeks. No Homework! No cafeteria food and no coach making me do off-season training!

Thats all over now. Back to the grind of classes, books, homework, new friends and your school coach. It’s a tough transition for most. But, for the most disciplined; its not as tough. Being discipline is the key to conquering or overcoming anything.

For a basketball player, being disciplined is paramount to be as good as you can be. All Elite basketball players that have and still play this game are highly disciplined. They are disciplined with their eating habits, training schedule, personal life and who they hang around. Elite means highly disciplined.

Now that school has started, your should start a pre-season training schedule that will prepare you for your upcoming season. That preseason basketball schedule should have the following components: Cardio, Strength, Speed and Agility, Shooting, Ball handling, Passing, Defensive footwork, and mental toughness training. Oh, did I mention cardio??  Cardio is important because if you aren’t in shape; you can’t play.

I’ve never met a great basketball player that doesn’t have a high level of discipline concerning there training. If you strive to be great -become more disciplined!