Off Season Training

I was always taught that teams are made during the season and players are made during the off season. That was 20 years ago, but still true today. The only challenge today is that most players don’t have an off season. With the growing number of AAU and club teams being establish, cuppled with the market being saturated with tournaments every weekend; there isn’t a lot of quality time for you to do basketball skill development.
Most players and parents think that playing games will improve or help the individual game. This is so far from the truth. Within one hour of skills training, you can shoot over 350 shots, dribble the ball 2100 times and run the equvilant of 3.5 miles. In a game, you MAY get 10 shots up, and you MAY get to handle the ball for a total of 2 minutes (total amount of time the ball is actually in your hands).

If you really want to get better, invest more time in basketball skills training and watch how much more you can help your team when your number is called!!