Preseason Basketball Training

Preparation is the first step to success. It would be a shame if you don’t prepare for the biggest season of your life by not training!

We’ve all heard the statement, “Being prepared is half the battle”. Or, “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Well, its true! Before the troops are deployed or before a soldier goes into battle, he goes to boot camp. In boot camp, he goes through every situation that he will possibly face in the war. After the boot camp is successfully completed, the civilian becomes a soldier.  Preparation is very important before you take on a major task. The NFL MLB, NBA and collegiate programs go through a rigorous elite level training regime to prepare them for a long season. If these elite athletes take getting ready for the season this serious, why don’t high school and middle school athletes do the same?  As a former professional, collegiate basketball player and AAU coach, I believe Pre-season training should be at all levels. Therefore, as the Lead trainer at Ultimate Champions Basketball Training, we are preparing Champions in our Pre-Season Training Camp. We will teach every aspect of basketball to prepare the player for everything that they will encounter in practice and games!

Listed below will be just some of the teachings that will be covered in training:

  • How to play for any coach
  • How to be mentally tough
  • How to mentally approach games and practices
  • How to dominate practice
  • How to have a mental edge on your opponent


  • Shooting off the dribble
  • Shooting off the catch
  • How to create a shot for yourself or teammate
  • Ball handling
  • Dribbling
  • One on One moves
  • Pick and rolls
  • How to defend any player
  • How to play any position
  • How to effectively rebound
  • How to implement individual skills
  • Competitive scrimmaging
  • And much much more!